2:Life in colour -2021 Part 2 – Yellows to make me mellow

Mellow Yellows found during my travels – 

The yellow umbrella to guide the walking tour in Prague – guide will help you stay mellow whilst sightseeing – well maybe not lost anyway.

The children’s playground at the departure lounge in Gothenburg so the travelling kids can burn off some energy before the long haul flight.

Back in NZ  – and the yellow sunlit hills framed by the foliage welcomed us home. 

Now it is time to explore our own backyard. Our old camping haunts -the golden sands of Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Life in colour – YELLOW

Where do you get your sunshine fix from?

Festivity, fun, food and flowers are my go to for my yellow fix.

Flowers are cheerful, bright and beautiful. 

Yellow signs can be used as a warning, an invitation or just to have fun.

Festivities are even better when golden yellow stars are shining bright.

I’ll keep looking for more yellow around and about me this month.