Three things challenge #455

It’s official. I have a creak in my shoulder socket.
It’s not quite a soft  tissue injury. It’s not one but two full tears and  one partial tear in the rotator cuff muscles. It is very painful especially at night.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten onto that ebike. I wasn’t keen at the time but I got ‘ encouraged’ by my friend. That’s when the troubles began. 

Months later, one day the wind was gusting too strongly for me to hold the caravan door. Another tear in a different rotator cuff muscle.

 The last straw was when I crash landed my broomstick as I arrived at the Halloween themed pub quiz night in full witch regalia. I fell through the door someone opened unexpectedly just as I grabbed the handle. That was an embarrassing and painful entrance. The only consolation is that our coven of witches won the quiz that night.

So here I am, awaiting shoulder surgery sometime within the next few months. Pill-popping is now the order of the day – and night.  And I have given up riding broomsticks and e-bikes.

Beware the broomstick

Three things challenge #329

“I’ll have a gin” said the first little pig

I’ll have a beer.” said the second little pig 

“Ok, I’ll just have a shandy.”  said the third little pig. 

Well “ said the big bad wolf, “ I’ll spit all you pigs and eat you with apple sauce chased by a snifter of brandy”

Home renovations

OMG –  The tediousness of home renovations.

How dare we attempt to do our own home renovations.  We are in our 70s.  Shouldn’t we just be happy to be living in a comfortable home at the beach? Why – oh why did we decide to change from electric water heating to gas heating? And in so doing, also decide to remodel the laundry, toilet and bathroom?  What were we thinking – or maybe we weren’t thinking.  

I blame Covid-19.   Normally during our NZ winter, we would be tripping overseas to visit family but as we couldn’t travel we chose to renovate our perfectly comfortable home instead. Spot that mistake!
It is exhausting,  It is tedious.  It is divorce material. It is however nearly finished. Then we will go on holiday – somewhere in our own country of course.

This post is in response to Three Things Challenge #322, by Pensitivity101 – Dare, Happy, Tedious