Sunday Stills – Beauty on the Beaches

It is not just the beach that is beautiful in my neighbourhood.  Even on these cold winter days, there are feathered  beauties to be found on the beach.

Beautiful are the variable oystercatchers seen frequently along the shoreline as the incoming tide brings little fish, crabs and shellfish. Taking time out from their endless search for food, the seabirds frolic in the shallows.

Beautiful too are the kingfishers that perch on the driftwood logs, before diving into the streams and estuary ponds to catch a fish.

Beautiful are the Kereru (native wood pigeons} that swoop into the kowhai treetops to nibble on the sweet leaves.

The Banded Dotterel nesting on the shingle beaches are beautiful -and endangered.

Beautiful black swans glide along the seashore, questioning each other as they look for seaweed to nibble.

And then there is the beautiful light to be found at the beach.

From the sunlight reflecting on the hills to the light glowing on the foreshore as the sun is setting. Each beach has a different kind of beauty.

And at the end of each day there are the beautiful sunsets. Is there a better place to be?

i am thankful for all the beauty I find at the beaches.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #162 It’s all about the light

Remember: Always walk in the light.

And if you feel like you’re not walking in it, go find it.

Love the light.

Roberta Flack

From the glow of a misty morning moonset to the last rays of the setting sun, everywhere I wander I seek the light….

And I find light in the skies amidst the storms. 

I find the light hiding in the clouds…

Surprising me with its rainbow hues …

Lightly kissing the rolling hills …….

Silhouettes shining through the trees whilst reflections glimmer on the lakes….

I create my words and images to capture the light in my life.


Sunday Stills – Under the Trees

Having just completed a June trees theme for my 365 project, I already had plenty of choices for this week’s Sunday Stills.  This is my month’s calendar view.

Trees, trees and yet more trees – my 365 project

Under the trees I also found:

I discovered rainbows, reflections and sunsets.

Under the trees throughout the seasons, I find the new growth of spring green and blossoms, the silhouetted sunlight of summer. the dappled shade lighting the fallen autumn leaves and the skeletal winter trees revealing their intricate branching structures. I had a play with making a composite of autumn leaves and a frosty winter. Maybe next time I will do all seasons!

Changing seasons

I love that trees have so many different textures and forms in their branches and trunks. Winter when the trees are leafless is a good time to appreciate the intricate branch patterns normally hidden within the leaves.  Moss and lichen cluster with wood ear fungus to decorate the barren trees.

Wood ear fungus

I love to wander between the trees along hidden forest pathways, and beside the lakes, beaches and rivers. I am in my happy place (as long as I have my camera along for the walk}


Sunday Stills. Just 1 sunrise and several sunsets

Oh yes – do I have  plenty of sunsets and maybe a sunrise?

I’m not so great at getting up early enough to capture sunrises.  We cruised into Gothenburg harbour in the early morning just as the sun had risen enough to hide behind the clouds. Does that count as a sunrise?

Later that week, we saw glorious  sunsets over the Southern archipelago.

The West Coast is a great place to watch the sunset.

Sunsets are such peaceful time of the day to enjoy some solitude.

And then there are the fabulous sunsets I see out my window or through the trees.

This winter month I am just looking for a few hours of sunshine each day – just a few hours and perhaps a lovely sunset.