No more excuses

No more excuses. No more procrastination. It is Monday after all – and I always start a diet or exercise plan on a Monday. Heehee. No matter that I usually give up on Tuesday- but this time ( at least for a week or two) I will persevere. 

I have just returned home after three weeks jaunting around the South Island NZ in our caravan. We did some pleasant and easy walks. We ate several dinners out and drank copious wine too. Unsurprisingly I realized that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was. 

My excuse; Having spent the last 9 -10 weeks with my arm in a sling following rotator cuff tendon repair surgery, my fitness level and balance has declined somewhat. Sooooo – here I go again. 

I looked tentatively at that Exercycle covered in dust and cobwebs. It made me feel guilty as it sat neglected in the corner. 

No excuses left. I pulled it out to the centre of the room and plugged it in. Then I actually climbed aboard and switched it on. ‘I’ll just do 5 km,’ I thought to myself. Well,  10km and 30 minutes later,  I switched it off and just like that  my first small step was done. 

Maybe I’ll even dust it tomorrow before I have another go. I think the spiders vacated their cobwebs when I started pedalling. 

Wild and unwilling victims


The spider weaves its web to entangle and ensnare its victims. Trapped in the sticky threads, they struggle to escape. The spider’s web traps dewy raindrops so the web glistens and looks magical until the sun rises anew.

Sunshine then weaves its own magic. The warmth of it’s rays nourishes and relaxes tired muscles, untangling the knots and stresses of daily life.

Wind blows gently through the spider’s web, breaking the delicate strands of silk. Night falls – and the spider begins to weave its magic again. In the morning there will be more wild and unwilling insects crash-landing into the trap. A breakfast feast for spiders yet also an intricate web of beauty to behold.

Such is the circle of life in the summer garden.