DAY 13. Call the plumber; I’m stuck

The drain is clogged – true story!

A slow drain with no gurgling noises to be heard at all.  The quickly rising water level in the kitchen sink was a teensy bit worrying.   So I tried a few obvious solutions. I googled and watched the youtube videos. I read all the questions and answers – and found out what plumbers hate!

Enough googling and procrastination. It was time for action. 

First attempt:  the baking soda and white vinegarYeah Nah – that didn’t work too well this time although it has in the past.This kitchen sink was still really slow draining.

I had a cup of soothing green tea.

Then I tried the no frills brand drain cleaner. Following the instructions, I poured 250 ml down the sinkhole and waited the required 15 minutes before running cold water as a chaser. Still not great.  At this stage it was nearly midnight so I repeated the process, put the timer on and read a  couple of chapters of my  book.  Flushed it through again. Not much better. 

I had a glass of wine.

What a pain of a drain. What can I do now but call the plumber as something is stuck –  and I think its me. I gave up and went to bed.

Then the very next day…. I tried once again. This time I gave that lazy drain a jolly good talking to, threatening dire consequences if it didn’t sort itself out. Out will come the plunger and then out will come the tools. 

I had a cup of coffee.

Then I filled the sink with hot soapy water, boiled the jug, pulled that plug and let it all out in a rush… and voila. A slight gurgle then a glugging sound followed by a loud and proud burp. Who knew drains burped?  It had finally became unstuck and so did I. 

I had a celebratory cup of tea.

Let me just say that getting a plumber to drive 60 kms from town is a daunting task – and the mileage bill  alone could have been quite horrendous.

Just call me Mrs Plug the Plumber. 

This is is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, July Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’