Sunday Stills – Around the world looking for PINK

Pink is still a challenge as I shared many pink pictures earlier in April so I have had to keep looking through my  travel archives.

This wasn’t such a chore as it gave me an opportunity to enjoy another glimpse into our travels – from what feels like the distant past.  Sigh!

Borrowed artworks featuring pink were few and far between but Banksy can be relied on to add interest and intrigue.

Bing Bong is pink – Inside and out.

Still, I feel grateful that we were able to enjoy our travels  before tripping around the world got complicated. Until we can travel overseas again, I will just enjoy this beautiful pink light on the mountains.

Thanks for the memories.

Life in colour. April – It’s all about Pink

This month’s colour is Pink

Defined as “A delicate colour that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness.” 

 My take is a little different….

“Pink isn’t just a color it’s an Attitude too!” ― Miley Cyrus

Grayson Perrys – Pink Harley

Turner prize winning artist Grayson Perry is known for his bizarre crossdressing as his alter ego ‘Claire’ and his even more bizarre, but highly acclaimed art! Not many people know about his kickass motorbike journey where he toured halfway across Europe on a pink madly decorated motorbike carrying his teddybear and childhood hero, Alan Measles, in a glass shrine on the back. A glass shrine? Yes Perry had seen the popemobile and knew his teddybear deserved nothing less than the pope…..  

Fashion or food – or is that fashionable food?

Just a selection of pink foods and drinks devoured during my travels. 

I had never seen pink beer so any excuse to drink or eat a bit more colour into my life.

Or you can just wear pink….

Day 16. A piece of the pull

The rope was lying on the ground between them.  A bright red flag marking the centre point of the rope resting on the grass. Two markings 4 metres to either side of the centre line were visible. One for each team. 

Lined up along the rope, the blue-clad team of eight were flexing their muscles, and jeering at their opponents.  At the other end of the rope pull was only seven contestants dressed in pink.  There had been a no- show for their eighth term member.

According to the rules, there must be an even number of members of each team. If the  pink team did not front up with aneighth person, they would lose by default. The situation was desperate.  The pink team looked around the field looking for someone, anyone to help for the big pull. 

All was ready as the crowd waited for the whistle to start the contest. The umpire gave the 3 minute warning for the contest to start.  Just as the pink team’s captain was about to concede, forward stepped a volunteer. The blue team chortled and scoffed but the whistle blew and the tug began. 

The strain showed in the forearms of the team. Grunting as they tugged and pulled, the blue team were gaining purchase against their opponents. The red flag wavered towards their line. Suddenly, their heels slipped along the soft turf. They were losing their grip.

Just at the last moment, the pink volunteer dug her six inch stiletto heels into the slippery turf. She added her piece to the pull. The team gained traction and pulled. The red flag crossed over their mark. The  contest was over.


This is is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, July Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’