Creativity craves Companionship not Criticism

 Is this true for you?

My mind is buzzing with ideas to release my creativity yet I procrastinate – why? 
Is it a fear of failing, of falling into a black hole,  or being criticised?

Yes that is likely to be biggest fear of all – why do I struggle with criticism so much? Even when it is constructive although more often than not it is destructive.

It may be human nature to criticise and blame another for perceived procrastination – but – the big BUT – why should it matter? As long as I am doing what is necessary for a harmonious life – eg cooking, housecleaning, bill paying and gardening spring to mind. Surely after all the mundane tasks of life are done and dusted (yeah nah  maybe not the dusting) then I can soar free into my creative zone. 

Seek inspiration from nature

The sun is peaking out from behind the clouds, the sky is blue in patches, the sea is calm and ‘flat as’. The early birds are out making tracks in the dew as they hop, stop, listen then bury their beaks into the soft turf, emerging with a wiggly worm for their breakfast. I love watching their steady progress across the grass. This is much better than throwing out some bread crusts. I wonder what the earthworms think about the sudden intrusion into their underground world?  

Here they are, minding their own wormhole, burrowing deep to chew and spew the leafy mould, turning the detritus of autumn leaves into soil. These little magic munchers are such super soil turners.  They help to fertilise the soil by bringing nutrients closer to the surface. They live in soil at depths of up to 2 metres and feed on decaying organic matter in the soil.

Did you know?

“Earthworms are hermaphrodites where each earthworm contains both male and female sex organs. The male and female sex organs can produce sperm and egg respectively in each earthworm. Although earthworms are hermaphrodites, most need a mate to reproduce. … The slime tube will form an “egg cocoon” and be put into the soil. Both worms create offspring.”

Double the luck! Very creative and good companionship, I reckon. So maybe creativity does crave companionship? So that was another interesting ‘rabbit hole’ or should I say ‘wormhole’ I went down. I’ll never look at an earthworm in quite the same way again.

Create- don’t Procrastinate

I have planted a germ of an idea for creating a circle of creativity in the neighbourhood.  I thought it would be very cool to create some art each day but it wasn’t easy to get art supplies during lockdown so let us just share the resources we all have in our cupboards.  Over the coldest and bleakest of the winter months we will meet in my little cosy corner downstairs.  We will bring our own projects and just create – whilst we listen to music, chat and drink coffee. Hopefully this will accomplish a couple of goals I have. 

  1. complete a couple of art projects I have had on the backburner for a couple of years
  2. spend intentional time developing my skills and becoming more creative

I am hopeful this will help to keep the winter woes from the door for us all.  Whatever happens will happen. Lets just  see where this journey takes us? And maybe, just maybe, I will enjoy my creativity in good company and be able to ignore that criticism.