Just neighbors

Nimbyism is alive and flourishing in my neighbourhood. 
Opinions divided, frustrations abound.

They want rid of the freedom campers
We enjoy the company of travellers

They want an uninterrupted view
We wish to share our little patch of paradise 

Why can't neighbours be just that?
Just be neighbourly to occasional visitors
Be friendly, welcoming and accepting of others.

Its very disappointing when just a few local residents can convince a local council to pass an ‘illegal’ bylaw and close designated ‘freedom’ campsites.

What ever happened to being kind and love thy neighbour?  

If that neighbour just happens to be traveling in a certified self contained motorhome, then what right do these local  residents have  to harass and prevent others from having the freedom to travel around exploring their own country in their homes on wheels?

Rant over. 

NB:  NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard

December 2020 Writing Prompts