SundayStills – Some of my Best Black & White Photos

I love black and white photography and I try to aim for the moon. I look for compositions and light that works well for the genre. Here are my offerings.

“Aim for the moon and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars”

Lighting in the landscape  sets the scene for stunning scenery be it stormy or calm waters or even over the top geography of rural roads.

Flowers and vegetables have interesting textures that often work well in black and white.

Sculpted statues are some of my favourite subjects to capture in black and white.  

SundayStills – Color Challenge: Rosy Red

Not all that is red are flowers. This really was a challenge for me.

Red is not my favourite colour and I find it tricky to photograph its true colour so I couldn’t find too many in my archives. As I’m not able to hold my camera whilst wearing a sling, this is as good as it gets this week. 

A very red grand piano – this beautiful instrument was provided to the people of Christchurch not long after the devastating earthquakes so they could play and/or enjoy some inspiring amidst the chaos.

Roses are red – and so are petunias and begonias

Fungi can also offer some reds in Autumn when life is not always rosy and colourful.

And here is my taonga/ treasure -my pounamu/greenstone “The spirit of life” I keep it in my little kit (flax bag) adorned with rosy red feather when I’m not wearing it. It brings me balance.

Te Hau Ora – Spirit of life

Life in colour – YELLOW

Where do you get your sunshine fix from?

Festivity, fun, food and flowers are my go to for my yellow fix.

Flowers are cheerful, bright and beautiful. 

Yellow signs can be used as a warning, an invitation or just to have fun.

Festivities are even better when golden yellow stars are shining bright.

I’ll keep looking for more yellow around and about me this month.

15. Crimson clover compassions

Crimson or scarlet
Compassions or Passion
Is clover a leaf or a flower?
Which is the  current fashion? 

The carpet of crimson clover crept through the garden.
The dandelions thought it dandy that there was another primary colour in the flower bed

Now all that was needed was something  blue. 
However the gardener was known for her sense of compassion whenever someone was feeling blue. Will that do? 

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.\