Who dares to capture the light?

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #77 photo prompt. This is what I saw – I may be biased.

Capturing the fairies light 
Imprisoning them at night 
They can take neither flight
Nor stand and fight

I wonder who might
behold this sight 
And think they have the right 
to capture the fairies light. 

 It is such a blight
Against the magic of light
The fairies must take fright 
As they try to sparkle in the night

For  those who believe and share their delight 
The fairies will still shine bright 
And hold on tight
To their special  light 

And that is alright. 
To wish for a fairy good night.

Thinking things

Creating original ideas is a bit like enjoying original sin. Hmmm? Are my thoughts sinful? What is sin? Is that a feeling or a thought? Is there anything original under the sun – or moon?

Is thinking required to activate feelings? Or do feelings need to be felt before thought can be activated?

This circular argument reminds me of Descartes.  “I think therefore I am”  I doubt; therefore I think?  This is the idea that when we doubt, we cannot doubt that we doubt or think, for doubting is just a form of thinking. All through the history of the ‘thinking man’ this is the question and perhaps this is the only thing that sets humans apart from other animals?

I’m a thinking thing then? What do you think?

So I write to seek and answer questions – of myself – of the world – of the universe?