Three things challenge #455

It’s official. I have a creak in my shoulder socket.
It’s not quite a soft  tissue injury. It’s not one but two full tears and  one partial tear in the rotator cuff muscles. It is very painful especially at night.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten onto that ebike. I wasn’t keen at the time but I got ‘ encouraged’ by my friend. That’s when the troubles began. 

Months later, one day the wind was gusting too strongly for me to hold the caravan door. Another tear in a different rotator cuff muscle.

 The last straw was when I crash landed my broomstick as I arrived at the Halloween themed pub quiz night in full witch regalia. I fell through the door someone opened unexpectedly just as I grabbed the handle. That was an embarrassing and painful entrance. The only consolation is that our coven of witches won the quiz that night.

So here I am, awaiting shoulder surgery sometime within the next few months. Pill-popping is now the order of the day – and night.  And I have given up riding broomsticks and e-bikes.

Beware the broomstick