Life’s for Living – Every.Single.Day – Adventure #1, 2021

In keeping with my ‘Life’s for Living – Every.Single.Day’ plan, today we went on an adventure. The skies were cloudy although the weather report was for a sunny day.  Intrepidly, we launched the boats and off we puttered across the Sounds.  Rounding the point we encountered choppy waves so we headed behind the mussel farms seeking smooth waters. 

A couple of splashes of rain sprinkled upon us then suddenly it stopped and out came the sun.
We cruised in and out the mussel farms, around the bays and coves, past a shag colony and a couple of rustic boat sheds.Every man and his kid were out fishing. Family fun in and on the water. Kids were swimming, some were paddling kayaks, and  others were just strolling on the little beaches. It was just like Camp Granada.

Aaah- summer living in the great outdoors.

Eventually we arrived at our destination – Fernside is a cute little bay with a picnic table.  Our friends had bought a bottle of bubbly wine. That was a nice touch which went well with our corned beef and mustard sandwiches. We chatted and relaxed in the sunshine. Along came a weka and its baby. It appeared that they loved the cupcake wrappers and the cucumber slices.  A couple of apricots too and their feast was done. And so was ours. The bubbly wine was supped, the sandwiches were eaten.

 The tide turned and it was time for us to return.  Time to pull up the anchor and start the motor. Oops!  The motor was flooded. It wouldn’t start. First rule of boating- always start the motor before the anchor is hoisted. Hmmm. Minutes later, the motor burst into life and blue smoke belched across the sea. We were homeward bound.

The choppy waves had calmed but then we rounded Putananui point. On the home stretch we had to leave the lee shore and splash our way across the Mahau Sound. Salty wet splashed spectacles and soaked to the skin, we arrived back at the beach.

Within a half hour, the boat was washed, the motor flushed and the boat , trailer and tractor were back in our own boatshed.

The adventure was over.