The stage was set

The stage was set to memorialise a famous French marshal Auguste de Marmont, (20 July 1774 – 22 March 1852).  Marmont achieved fame during Napoleon’s occupation of Dalmatia  (now known as Croatia). 

Instead of remembering Marmont as “a talented strategist, understanding the art of command and the movement of troops and his “remarkable 300 mile march through frequently roadless country, scattering two Austrian  forces, but clinging to his independent status.” – his monument in Trogir is now more widely known as a great place to watch the sunset.  

Situated alongside the fortress, the monument looks more like a picnic pavilion.  It can’t have been a picnic for him, being  one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Marshals of France. 

Then I noticed the nearby football pitch.  Setting a different stage? What were they thinking?