Who dares to capture the light?

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #77 photo prompt. This is what I saw – I may be biased.

Capturing the fairies light 
Imprisoning them at night 
They can take neither flight
Nor stand and fight

I wonder who might
behold this sight 
And think they have the right 
to capture the fairies light. 

 It is such a blight
Against the magic of light
The fairies must take fright 
As they try to sparkle in the night

For  those who believe and share their delight 
The fairies will still shine bright 
And hold on tight
To their special  light 

And that is alright. 
To wish for a fairy good night.

Little by little

It seemed to be a big task. How would he ever manage to complete it?

It’s not as if he had any prior knowledge or even the necessary skills. Just his hopes and dreams – and that would have to be enough. 

He would tackle the challenge little by little and in a long while it would be done. He picked up the pen and started to write. 

Once upon a time…. there was a little boy who had a dream…..

Photo by alysha-rosly–unsplash

Turbulent tranquility

Taking time out, she sat beside the calm ocean.  She needed tranquility to soothe her turbulent thoughts. 

Tumbling around in her mind, her thoughts were overwhelming. 
Should I leave or should I stay?  It would be a difficult choice either way.

 In her anger she had said words she hadn’t  meant. So had he. Was there any way back to the calmness she once felt  with him alongside her?

Sighing, she looked out across the ripples lapping the seashore. Then she saw it.  A rogue wave racing across the waters towards where she was standing.

She stood and opened her arms. This would solve her quandary.

“If this wave  reaches me I will be swept into the turbulence and this torment will end.”

She had found her tranquility in the turbulence.

Three things challenge #455

It’s official. I have a creak in my shoulder socket.
It’s not quite a soft  tissue injury. It’s not one but two full tears and  one partial tear in the rotator cuff muscles. It is very painful especially at night.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten onto that ebike. I wasn’t keen at the time but I got ‘ encouraged’ by my friend. That’s when the troubles began. 

Months later, one day the wind was gusting too strongly for me to hold the caravan door. Another tear in a different rotator cuff muscle.

 The last straw was when I crash landed my broomstick as I arrived at the Halloween themed pub quiz night in full witch regalia. I fell through the door someone opened unexpectedly just as I grabbed the handle. That was an embarrassing and painful entrance. The only consolation is that our coven of witches won the quiz that night.

So here I am, awaiting shoulder surgery sometime within the next few months. Pill-popping is now the order of the day – and night.  And I have given up riding broomsticks and e-bikes.

Beware the broomstick

Movers and shakers

Are you a Mover or shaker?
There are two types in the world 
The movers and the shakers. 

The movers move rapidly through their trials and tribulations 
The shakers just shake their heads and say ‘it’s too hard,  I cannot do this or  that’ 

Let’s just shake that up a little bit

Move Over ‘Movers' 
Or we will move you out.
It’s time for the 'Shakers' to shine. 

Shake it up or lose it. 
Take your chance
This you can do
Be your own ambulance.

Shortbread shortcomings


He bought store-baked biscuits of the shortbread kind. They had chocolate chips in them. That was the first mistake.

Vowing that this shortbread would never be as good as what her mum baked, she said she was never going to eat those, and yet she did. That was the second mistake. 

“There’s something wrong with this shortbread,” she said, nibbling on another. ‘it has serious shortcomings” 

“What do  you mean?” he said.

 “That packet is empty”  That was the last mistake they both made.  

Just neighbors

Nimbyism is alive and flourishing in my neighbourhood. 
Opinions divided, frustrations abound.

They want rid of the freedom campers
We enjoy the company of travellers

They want an uninterrupted view
We wish to share our little patch of paradise 

Why can't neighbours be just that?
Just be neighbourly to occasional visitors
Be friendly, welcoming and accepting of others.

Its very disappointing when just a few local residents can convince a local council to pass an ‘illegal’ bylaw and close designated ‘freedom’ campsites.

What ever happened to being kind and love thy neighbour?  

If that neighbour just happens to be traveling in a certified self contained motorhome, then what right do these local  residents have  to harass and prevent others from having the freedom to travel around exploring their own country in their homes on wheels?

Rant over. 

NB:  NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard

December 2020 Writing Prompts

Wild and unwilling victims


The spider weaves its web to entangle and ensnare its victims. Trapped in the sticky threads, they struggle to escape. The spider’s web traps dewy raindrops so the web glistens and looks magical until the sun rises anew.

Sunshine then weaves its own magic. The warmth of it’s rays nourishes and relaxes tired muscles, untangling the knots and stresses of daily life.

Wind blows gently through the spider’s web, breaking the delicate strands of silk. Night falls – and the spider begins to weave its magic again. In the morning there will be more wild and unwilling insects crash-landing into the trap. A breakfast feast for spiders yet also an intricate web of beauty to behold.

Such is the circle of life in the summer garden.