Day 28: Describe your perfect birthday cake.

I don’t have a favourite birthday cake but I am rather partial to banana cake with chocolate icing especially when baked by my granddaughter.

Day 29: What is something you learned recently?

As a procrastinator, I am very skilled at avoidance – and it is only just 2 February.

Day 30: What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?Why write an autobiography! 

Life’s for Living. Every. Single. Day. Each chapter of my life has many, varied stories to tell: 

  1. The Early Years – oh to be that young again and know what I know now!
  2. The Midlife crisis – was it really such a crisis?
  3. The Life Review – hey, it ain’t over till it is over, Rover!

Life’s for Living. Every. Single. Day.

Day 31: Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

On the beach which is but a short stroll across my front lawn! Or sometimes even out my kitchen window. Cooking the evening meal is often delayed as I grab my camera.

And the sun has now set on Bloganuary. It has been enlightening.


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