Bloganuary 2023 – Weeks 1 & 2 – a selection

Last year I started yet did not complete Bloganuary -maybe this time I will.  

Day 1: What is something you want to achieve this year?

I have rather a big item list. 

Finish my memoir

Sell  our property and build a new house. 

Undertake a road trip  in our caravan. It may be that we will be living in it while the house is being built?

Revisit my photography:  I have been lacking my phojo for the last few months of 2022 so this year it’s time to revisit and hone my techniques. And I have a new lens to play with.

If I achieve all these I will meet my WOTY ‘happiness’ goal. 

Day 2:  How are you brave?

Just being on here and sharing my thoughts and photos is a brave action. But also facing my fears and doing it anyway is something I continue to work on. Last year I toyed with the idea of having a WOTY. It was going to be courage but I chickened out due to all sorts of challenging circumstances. 

I recently got a health concern checked out and facing that fear bravely was courageous enough. 

Maybe I will commit to a WOTY this year?  That would be brave.

Day 3: What is the earliest memory you have?

Getting chased by a jumping jack firecracker when I was about three.  I was wearing a red coat at the time. I still hate the colour red!

Day 5: What brings you joy in life?

I lift my Kaleidoscope towards the light 

What do I seek?

Twisting patterns and tumbling shapes

Behold the joyous colours  of my life.

Day 6: Why do you write?

Writing to me is a way to record my inner thoughts and to make sense of the feelings and thoughts that wander through my mind. The more I write the better I think and the more the creative juices flow. 

Day 7: Write a short story or poem about rain.

The first raindrops pattered gently onto the parched soil. An earthy aroma arose to assault her senses. She inhaled deeply. There it was. That illusive scent of musky dust  yet there was something else lingering in the air.

The rain sparked a memory of long ago when life was bountiful. a time when  leaves gleamed a soft light green.

The fat raindrops became heavier and more persistent. Rivulets of water grew to become streams. Flowing faster now, the streams began to fill the cracked earth. The earth took on a richer hue. Green shoots suddenly appeared where once there was dust. 

The drought was over. Life could begin anew. And with it came her sense of relief and renewal.

Day 9: What is the most memorable gift you have received?

A surprise visit from my Swedish son for the big 70th birthday.  He was back in New Zealand for just 6 days before departing  just before the country went into lockdown. It was the best kept secret and memorable gift I have ever had.

Day 10: Has a book changed your life?

All of the very many books I have read have changed my life. No way could I pick just one book. I am just addicted to reading.

Day 12: What chore do you find the most challenging to do?

That would be those repetitive housework chores. It’s not that challenging just really frustrating and repetitive. Other more pleasurable activities are way more challenging but they are not chores. Still I much prefer spending time and energy on something much more creative.

Maybe I can manage these prompts a daily basis from this day forward. That is not a chore but is still a challenge


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