Sunday Stills – Springtime stories in Closeup

Whilst I didn’t rescue these creatures solely so I could capture some macro/closeups, it was good to at least get the chance to capture their stories in close up detail.

The little bee I rescued from a spider’s web. It was fascinating to watch it trying to clean up the sticky goo from its sting. It was good to see it fly safely away ready to go about its pollinating business again.

Bee rescue

A few days later, as I wandered along the muddy road inspecting the recent storm damage, I noticed a little ball of fluff stuck in the mud.  Carefully, I picked it up. It moved weakly.  It was a tiny fledging baby bird, most likely  blown out of its nest in the stormy night.  I held it gently in my cupped hands and took it home.  

Feeling  overwhelmed and unsure of my bird nurturing skills, I texted my ‘bird whisperer’ friend for advice. Following her suggestions, I placed a hot water bottle underneath a makeshift nest and covered it gently to recover in the dark. An hour later, she called in on her way home from town to inspect my little foundling. 

By this time I had decided I was not the ‘best nest’ for this little baby. I gladly released the bird into her skilled hands. Her many years experience of being a ‘bird rescuer’ came to the fore.  Over the next several weeks, she tenderly cared for baby bird, feeding it with an eyedropper, cleansing its sticky eyes and keeping it safe and warm. She sent me updates every few days. Then the good news came.

“Wax Eye update. Doing well. Now in outside cage during the day. Feeding himself.  Will release as soon as his tail feathers grow”

Our halos are shining bright!

Wax Eye baby

I celebrated by capturing some spring flowers in close up – and found a tiny green fly. It must surely be Spring time.


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