Bloganuary Day 1: What advice would you give your teenage self?

I’m taking the leap – and attempting this Bloganuary challenge!  Hmmm… I will see where this takes me. Already 3 days behind though!

I thought back to those dim and distant years. Hindsight is such an interesting position from which to share advice. And to be fair, it was a VERY long  time ago.

I was such a ‘good’ teenager….. by that I mean I was way too compliant and indecisive and confused and shy  and…..boring!

But…. knowing what I know now, I would advise that conflicted teenage self to:

  • Find and follow your passions. Who knows where they may lead you. Your passions may change as you navigate your teen years  -and that is ok.
  • Remember to be true to yourself. Self belief is so important. Find your truth and trust yourself.
  • Choose your friends wisely and nurture those friendships. 
  • Make your own decisions rather than follow the crowd.
  • Remember – You are striving for independence. That is your teenage task. Make it worthwhile. 

Life is for living –  Every. Single. Day. 

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