Life in Colour – RED as a messenger

“This month’s colour is red. One of the primary colours, red often indicates danger. It is pure energy, loud, demanding to be seen. Think of a red ladybird, a red rose, autumn leaves and a sunset. Passion. A heart.”

This made me think about how often red is used for sending important messages.

Red messages:

Red taillights warn that the car ahead is braking for some random reason.

Messages written in red remind us of the shameful past, but also offer some hope.

“The Heart has Eyes which the Brain knows nothing of” – Charles H Peckhurst

Reds in nature:

Fruity reds tempt the tastebuds – be warned though regular consumption can be addictive. 

Berry Red

Red in the landscape –  old red barns are a classic  but it doesn’t get old.

Rosebuds may open as pink, mature into a bright rich red, and yet then fade – a message of the cycle of life maybe?

Gardens both large and small grow vivid reds to brighten our days. We need to guard these precious displays.

"Red sky at night, sailors delight. 
Red sky in morning, sailors warning”

Sunlight rays passing through the atmosphere gift us amazing sunsets and weather warnings.

Red skies

But the question still remains – why are toolboxes predominantly red? 

Are tools that dangerous?

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