WQWWC #33 Exploration – The expression of an impression

A picture is the expression of an impression.

If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?”

Ernst Haas

The expression of an impression
Is an obsession
I bring to each photo session 
where I can take possession
of my lifelong passion.

The expression of an impression
Is a compulsion
not a delusion.
It is where I learnt composition 
Through the excitement of exploration 
and a touch of preoccupation.

The expression of an impression
Take a bowl full of enthusiasm 
Flash in a sprinkle of infatuation
Focus with a whole lot of dedication
Layer  in an image of endless fascination
Blend all together in a bucket of creation 

Until it exposes more than my dreams
And becomes a beautiful expression of my own impressions

Every photo I take is a piece of my life that I will never get back,

but that I will be able to see again and again.”

Malcolm Flowers


2 thoughts on “WQWWC #33 Exploration – The expression of an impression

  1. I love this, Liana. I feel the same about my photos. Even one I’ve taken for events of people I don’t know. I go through them organizing them, using them in posts, and they bring me joy as I smile at the memories. Your photos are great. How did you do that last one? That looks like something you might find on an art magazine.


  2. Wow thank you Marsha. The last one is using three of my travel images, one each from Berlin (east side gallery wall), Amsterdam and Croatia composited together using layers and masks in my editing programme. I keep practising…. Photography is a healthy obsession for me.


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