Photographing Public Art Challenge #2

Public art is a never-ending source of inspiration for me and my camera.

I have often wondered whether I should photograph other people’s artwork as surely this is not depicting one’s own creativity but exploiting others? To be honest though, that hasn’t stopped me over my travelling years.  

I think in part, it is to try to capture the essence of the journey, the excitement of discovery and the awe which I hold for the skills, imagination and talents of artists – be they street artists. graffiti artists or sculptors. I enjoy watching the way others interact with public art – especially the sculptures.


I have quite a few examples of public art in my travel archives. Some tell a story. Others pose the question – why? 

Is graffiti a form of art? Or is art a form of graffiti?  

Street art:

To give us pause to enjoy art and make us ponder on the meaning of life –  is that the purpose of public art? 

I think it is a purpose, and that we all benefit from taking the time to sit awhile and just appreciate the inspiring creativity of the artist.

I’m excited to explore the different forms of public art further as this Photographing Public art challenge continues. Thanks to the organisers Cee and Marsha for the opportunity.

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