SundayStills – Some of my Best Black & White Photos

I love black and white photography and I try to aim for the moon. I look for compositions and light that works well for the genre. Here are my offerings.

“Aim for the moon and even if you miss you will land amongst the stars”

Lighting in the landscape  sets the scene for stunning scenery be it stormy or calm waters or even over the top geography of rural roads.

Flowers and vegetables have interesting textures that often work well in black and white.

Sculpted statues are some of my favourite subjects to capture in black and white.  

14 thoughts on “SundayStills – Some of my Best Black & White Photos

    1. Thank you. This was one of my first attempts at composite using three layers. One of the images is light painting the heart with the help of my neighbor and her daughter. That was fun.

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      1. Thanks Marsha. I am planning to write about my journey in photography – it is an enduring passion in my life. I’ll get there when I can use both hands to type! (still recovering from shoulder surgery hence the copious use of my photo archives)

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