Snap, crackle, crunch

Down at the bottom of the garden there are crunchy creatures.  Have you seen them?

Hidden amongst the textured green weeds, they suck the sap and snap the seeds. They lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of hidden corners. Secretly these creatures weave their nests and webs to lure smaller insects into their tiny world. Hatchlings emerge and feast on the bugs entrapped in these silken  threads. 

Ever vigilant for telltale signs of invasion, those creatures are rooted out and crushed. Sticky webs are removed, the insect inhabitants destroyed.

Watering and weeding are two daily tasks to remember. The wilderness of weeds is tamed. There is space for the young plants to spread their roots in the cool, moist earth.

The stakes are high, the tomatoes are tied. The pea vines entwine through the tomatoes and the beans are bending their stalks.  Spring onions and radishes push up through the gourmet lettuce plants. Herbs mingle together and a simple touch releases oils which stain the green thumbs of this gardener, bringing a sense of calm to my senses. 

Bees buzz as they visit each flower. A love affair exists between the flowering plants and the bees. Pollen is exchanged and shared across the plants. Honey is the bee’s sweet reward. 

Meanwhile, the nurtured vegetables continue to thrive and create protein, vitamins and fibre bites encapsulated in sugar snap pea pods, crisp stalks and leafy greens. The garden grows. 

I find peace and quiet amongst the growing plants.  Spending time in the garden is healthy for mind and body. Exercising my body whilst expelling negative thoughts from my mind  Time to cultivate ideas and healthy food.

Nurturing a garden is a bit like creating a piece of oneself – crunchy bite by crunchy bite.

And those crunchy creatures?  They no longer lurk at the bottom of the garden. 

Green thumbs have won the day. Salad days are here to stay.

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