Added aggravations

The day had started with a promising sunrise. By mid- morning the laundry was all  pegged out, a gentle breeze was blowing and it was time for a coffee.  Oops there was no coffee in the canister. Oh well, maybe a green tea will suffice. No, there was nothing in that canister either. 

Feeling slightly aggrieved, she decided to go for a brisk walk down to the local cafe. Maybe she would meet a friend there. Oh no, the cafe was closed. CLOSED DUE TO COVID stated the sign which had been haphazardly scribbled and displayed in the window. 

She gritted her teeth- another aggravation. She retraced her steps. “Oh well I’ll have to drink a bottle of water when I get home,” she decided as she trudged back up the hill.  Alas, the water arrived not in a bottle but in raindrops which sprinkled upon her head all the way home. She stuck out her tongue and tasted the raindrops. It didn’t quite quench her thirst. 

By the time she reached her front door, the rain had settled into a steady downpour. She looked out the back window. Sure enough, It was raining on her laundry which was strewn on the muddy ground. 

“No more added aggravations” she pleaded. “ I just hope there are some drops left in that bottle of wine.”

You guessed it, no such luck, her glass was still half empty even after she squeezed the bottle. 

Putting My Feet in the DirtOctober’s Writing prompts.This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.

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