Home renovations

OMG –  The tediousness of home renovations.

How dare we attempt to do our own home renovations.  We are in our 70s.  Shouldn’t we just be happy to be living in a comfortable home at the beach? Why – oh why did we decide to change from electric water heating to gas heating? And in so doing, also decide to remodel the laundry, toilet and bathroom?  What were we thinking – or maybe we weren’t thinking.  

I blame Covid-19.   Normally during our NZ winter, we would be tripping overseas to visit family but as we couldn’t travel we chose to renovate our perfectly comfortable home instead. Spot that mistake!
It is exhausting,  It is tedious.  It is divorce material. It is however nearly finished. Then we will go on holiday – somewhere in our own country of course.

This post is in response to Three Things Challenge #322, by Pensitivity101 – Dare, Happy, Tedious 

3 thoughts on “Home renovations

  1. Love it Liana! Hubby has been working in the garden but his preparations are still awaiting the presence of a shed. Delivery at the last enquiry was 20 weeks plus!! Thanks for joining in.


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