Day 27. The Chardonnay of truth

It was the sweetness of the green grapes that had convinced her that it was time for the fermentation to begin.

She carefully clipped each bunch off the vines and added them to the vat. Climbing the ladder, she trod gently on the juicy grapes. The juices squelched and the skins were slippery. Fermentation was now in progress but how long would the ageing process take was the question she pondered.  

All she wanted was a relatively dry, medium-bodied wine. Chardonnay is traditionally supposed to be this way but she wanted to make it unique with less acidity and with a much more fruity flavour.

 So much rubbish is talked about wine and its ’nose’.  She had heard about wine having strong hints of this or a subtle note of that. She had researched the vintners methods and spurned the additives they used. “Now, if you were to add some oak to the aging process, the above flavors shift dramatically giving off strong hints of butter, vanilla, English pudding and pineapple.”

The problem she had was just how did you spread the butter, make the English pudding fit into the stainless steel vat, and just where was she going to find fresh pineapple at this time of the year? And as for fitting an oak tree into the vat – seriously! How and why would she do that.

She had just wanted to make an honest vintage. She dreamed it would be the best vintage of the year.  It would be a great and industry-changing vintage. She waited and waited till the temperature was just perfect then she climbed the ladder to the top of the tall brewing tank and dipped her glass into the wine. Mmmm – it tasted pure, dry and delicious. 

She drank some more.  ‘Oh yes,’ she thought, ‘it is true’. This chardonnay tasted just like green grapes. Her vision for her Chardonnay of truth became clearer as her wineglass emptied. This was the vintage that would beat them all. 

It was a pity she slipped off the ladder and plunged to her death before she could bottle this honest wine.

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, July Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’

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