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Crepuscular rays
Let there be light

Light is life giving in so many ways…Capturing the light leads me on many different journeys – wandering with my camera is  one of  my favourite things to do.  

Write to capture my thoughts. Creative writing is an emerging passion. After years of writing reports, policies and procedures, it is now  time to catch and release my creative words into the world.

Life is about making memories and writing those stories. 


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February – what a crazy month- #WBOYC

February is almost over – and its been such a busy month keeping the house clean and ready for potential buyers to view.  This year I’m focusing on life through the lens of happiness – my #WOTY. I’m recording my monthly activities using  this mnemonic GREAT DREAM – 10 keys to building a life of  happiness and fulfilment.  Giving …

So here goes with my January #WBOYC 

In keeping with my #WOTY Happiness I thought I would try to record my monthly activities using  my happiness mnemonic/guidelines – GREAT DREAM Giving           (Do kind things for others) I am decluttering my cupboards in preparation for selling and downsizing.  Does gifting to people who have more need than I do for these items…


Day 28: Describe your perfect birthday cake. I don’t have a favourite birthday cake but I am rather partial to banana cake with chocolate icing especially when baked by my granddaughter. Day 29: What is something you learned recently? As a procrastinator, I am very skilled at avoidance – and it is only just 2 February.…