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Crepuscular rays
Let there be light

Light is life giving in so many ways…Capturing the light leads me on many different journeys – wandering with my camera is  one of  my favourite things to do.  

Write to capture my thoughts. Creative writing is an emerging passion. After years of writing reports, policies and procedures, it is now  time to catch and release my creative words into the world.

Life is about making memories and writing those stories. 


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Bloganuary 2023 4th week selection: 

Day 21: Who is your favorite author and why? Without doubt my favorite author is Diana Gabaldon. Her Outlander books have been a huge part of my reading since 1992 when I first read Crosstitch, and they still entertain me. Whether it’s the tv adaptations, the compendiums, the novellas, or the audiobooks, I love them…

Sunday Stills – Silence at sunset

Patiently I wait for the sunset glow to bring Silence at sunset The birds stop their cries As the last rays touch the skies Silence is golden At last the sun sets Glowing it’s light to the clouds Farewell to the sun Until the very next morn Sunrise shines pink and golden And birds chirp…

Bloganuary – 3rd week selection

Day 13: If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it? Firstly, I would check the exchange rate.  Currently, that would give me half as much again in NZ currency. That is $157,000,000NZD. Hmm-probably this would be  enough to splash out on a few trips around the world, donate to a few worthy…