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Crepuscular rays
Let there be light

Light is life giving in so many ways…Capturing the light leads me on many different journeys – wandering with my camera is  one of  my favourite things to do.  

Write to capture my thoughts. Creative writing is an emerging passion. After years of writing reports, policies and procedures, it is now  time to catch and release my creative words into the world.

Life is about making memories and writing those stories. 


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SundayStills 2021 – Shells and Splashes are White

Seashells are some of my favourite white things. Waterfalls are also white….. Splash play – I love capturing water splashes. And then there are the little flower people. And just to wrap up and stay warm try some merino fleece fresh off the sheep.

#WQWWC #13 – Fair or Not Fair?

This week’s topic for Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays is fairness, equal, eqitable, just or the counter point “Unfair!” Merriam Webster defines fairness three ways: impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination, having light-colored hair or a pale complexion, and beauty.This is my response.  OVERHEARD “It’s not fair.  It’s so not fair!  Sooooo not … Continue reading #WQWWC #13 – Fair or Not Fair?